Link Building

Building a great linking structure for your web site is not something that happens in the time it takes to throw a web page together. Building a successful link structure takes months, and sometimes longer. One of the most important things to remember as you’re building your link structure is that quantity isn’t nearly as important as quality. Your linking strategy will be far more successful if you create links that are high quality. Link to great sites that are more popular than your own and try to gain links from those sites to your own, as well. Gaining links to your site is a business process.

Links are so important is that links into your site from other web sites serve as “votes” for the value of your site. The more links that lead to your site, the more weight a search engine crawler will give the site, which in turn equates to a better search engine ranking, especially for search engines like Google that use a quality ranking factor, like PageRank.

Link Building Packages

No Of Links Plan Amount No of Days
20 $150 2 Weeks
50 $500 7 Weeks
100 $1100 6 months
150 $1600 8 Months