Directory Submission

Submitting your site to prominant search directories should be benificial to get traffic from prominant directories. Getting listed on the Open Directory Project(OPD) also known as DMOZ, and on Yahoo are especialy important. This is becuase the OPD and Yahoo are very important directoreis that recieve large amounts of traffic and themselves have large amounts of links both incoming and out going. Perhaps the most important link you can have is from the OPD as it feeds so many other directories. Search directories contain website listings that are ordered alphabetically under categories. The following importantelements should be taken care while submitting on directories:-

  • Appropriate categorization
  • Accurate titles and descriptions
  • Title and descriptions relevant to the subject of the web site

Submission Packages

No Of Directories Plan Amount No of Days
50 Nos $7 2 days
100 Nos $15 4 days
150 Nos $25 7 days
200 Nos $35 9 days